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FEB 2018

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QUALITY GAGING TIPS MMS FEBRUARY 2018 32 Measurement Tools level of accuracy built into the fixturing, then a move to a roundness machine will be required. If your roundness tolerance exceeds the threshold, however, then you may be able to use this method for guidance. Additional mechanical sources of errors in this setup may arise if 1) the force of the centers is not enough to truly hold the part between the centers or 2) this pressure is not enough to main- tain the part in the aligned position. For very small-diameter parts, this should not be so much that the part distorts. Besides poten- tial height misalignment, one should also ensure the centers are aligned side to side. Often there will be precision slots in the table to help with this, but ensure both centers are alighted to the same side of the rail. Dirt, chips, burrs or rust on the part or centers will affect the results. Angles on the centers and different parts can skew mea- surements. If the angles of the center or on the part are not concentric or are themselves not round, then errors can occur. All of these sources of errors will affect the results of this centers-based out-of-roundness checking method. Understanding these condi- tions and knowing when this is the appropriate method will allow you to make informed deci- sions about part qualification from the gener- ated results. AUTHOR | George Schuetz Director of Precision Gages, Mahr Inc. Roundness measurements between centers are typically carried out with a set of bench centers and some readout device. Find out more at Renishaw QuantAM is a dedicated file preparation software tool for Renishaw additive manufacturing (AM) systems. With an intuitive workflow and easy navigation QuantAM accepts CAD exports in the form of .STL data and allows you to prepare your model for the AM process. QuantAM build preparation software... quick to learn, intuitive to use Renishaw Inc. West Dundee, IL

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