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FEB 2018

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CNC TECH TALK MMS FEBRUARY 2018 36 Processes and Programming one hour against the current time and the last completion date against the current date. If more than an hour has elapsed, or if the date changes, the operator is instructed (by the #3006 stop with message command) to press the cycle start button to run the warm-up routine. The warm-up routine could, of course, be run automatically by eliminating the stop with a message command. The warm-up routine starts the spindle at varying speeds, and the CNC will dwell appropri- ately until the spindle warms up. After the spin- dle warms up, the operator is instructed to press the cycle start button again to run the program. This could also be an automatic action. Permanent common variables #508 and #509 are updated at the end of the program, so new time and date values will be considered the next time the program is run. AUTHOR | Mike Lynch Founder and President, CNC Concepts Inc. FORCE MEASUREMENT HARDNESS TESTERS PRECISION TOOLS/GAGES The Authority on Accuracy. New Digital Video System works vertically and horizontally. See video and more info at • Rapid measurement results • Large field of view • Automatic part recognition • Easy-to-use measuring tools • Vertical or horizontal application flexibility The Innovative HVR100-FLIP gives you: MADE IN AMERICA New Vision Technology you'll FLIP over. METROLOGY EQUIPMENT

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