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FEB 2018

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THE VIEW FROM MY SHOP MMS FEBRUARY 2018 44 A Metalworking Leader's Perspective Machine Repair Difficulties and Delays Most shops likely are like mine and don't have spare equipment just sitting around in case a machine breaks down. And when they do break down, it always seems to be at the worst possible time: when there's a job running on it that's particularly time-sensitive. When this happens, we call the repair company, usually the vendor from whom we bought the equipment, in a panic. It can be very frustrating, to say the least, if we have a hard time getting through to a human being. And even once we do, there often is no one immedi- ately avail- able to fix the machine. We're issued a repair time slot, but, in our experience, this appointment many times ends up being cancelled at the last minute because something else has come up for the vendor. When the technician finally does INCREMENTAL CHANGE Also read Udo Jahn's strategy for staying globally competitive. show up, there's a high probability some of the parts needed to repair the machine will need to be ordered in from halfway around the world. I know many of you can relate to these issues, and I know it's only the tip of the iceberg of problems that shop owners combat every day. It's frustrating that the only way to solve these issues seems to be to stop doing business with the organizations and people who put us in these situations. We put our customers first; it seems reason- able to expect our suppliers to do the same for us. We are their customers, after all. ABOUT THE CONTRIBUTOR Udo Jahn is the general manager of Modern Engineering, one of the larger five-axis machining providers on Canada's west coast. Email or visit . Shrinking Technology HAIMER Power Clamp Shrink Fit Machine Reliable tool changes – Fastest in the Galaxy. Measuring and Presetting Technology Balancing Technology Tooling Technology Precision with 100% repeatability Fast tool changes – less than 5 seconds Easy to use – tool changes at the touch of a button Versatility – compatible with any shrink fit holder

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