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FEB 2018

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HOLEMAKING MMS FEBRUARY 2018 72 on inside a hole as what goes on outside of it. Beyond basic drilling, reaming, tapping and so forth, potential operations include counterbor- ing, slotting and trepanning. Profiling is common as well, including stepped diameters, precisely curved internal radii, sculpted contours and requirements for specific levels of surface finish. When it comes to this kind of internal machin- ing, cutting tools literally take the initiative. "The majority of deep-hole tools and processes are based around the idea of the tool guiding itself close to the cutting edge," he says. Standard deep-hole drilling tools come in two basic vari- eties: gundrills and Boring and Trepanning Association (BTA) drills. Gundrills The tools most commonly associated with extreme length-to-diameter ratios, gundrills are available with single-effective geometry. This means the cutting action is all on one side, a contrast with the double-effective geometry that characterizes most conventional drills. This construction provides Internal geometry like this is a good fit for bottle- boring tools, which use CNC-actuated axes to drive cutting edges away from and back into the shank as needed to create internal profiles. Quality control is a particular concern with deep-hole drilling. Many applications require periodic destructive testing or more creative solutions, such as tracking the process via cameras that monitor changes and trends in chip formation. Standard deep-hole drilling tools come in two basic varieties: gundrills and Boring and Trepanning Association (BTA) drills. machines "from the ground up" at the Milwaukee factory. Even CNC engineering is performed in house, including the defining of kinematics and other associated tasks, with components sourced directly from such manufacturers as Siemens, Heidenhain and FANUC. Other platforms are similarly configured for work ranging from oil and gas components to aircraft landing gear and various hydraulic systems. Each machine is made to order, with automation systems in particular differing widely from customer to customer. Beyond robot-tending and mulit-machine cells of multi-spindle drilling machines, automation systems range from pallet changers to complex conveyors, roller steadies and other systems involving in-process gaging and even extra servo-driven axes of motion dedi- cated to streamlining setup and unloading alike. Tools Take Initiative Mr. Fettig emphasizes that the reason why "deep- hole drilling" is inadequate to describe what Unisig does has as much to do with what goes

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