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HOLEMAKING MMS FEBRUARY 2018 74 both brazed and indexable cutting edges. These tools also come in spade-tip geometries, which Mr. Fettig says are particularly useful for cross- holes (such as those typical of the water-cooling lines in the aforementioned moldmaking appli- cations). Although he emphasizes that the gap is closing, BTA drills generally offer higher feed rates, greater rigidity and improved chip control. Drilling Ahead Beyond these basic tool types, many applications involve custom form tools for imparting more complex profiles. Generalities are difficult to draw about these widely varied offerings; suffice it to say that even familiar-looking geometries Examples of indexable (left), brazed-tip (middle) and solid-carbide (right) gun- drills. These tools feature internal channels for directing coolant into the bore and evacuating chips. Examples of both brazed-tip (first and second from left) and indexable BTA drilling tools. In contrast to gundrills, chips and coolant evacuate through the tool itself. require manufacturing for a specific size bore, at the least. For example, bottle-boring tools use CNC-actuated axes to drive cutting edges away from and back into the shank as needed to create internal profiles. Without precise sizing, such action would be impossible. "Given that these tools have to guide themselves, careful plan- ning is critical," Mr. Fettig says. The same could be said of applications that require integrating that hole-making process with complex outside machining as well. | Entrust Manufacturing Technologies (Unisig) 262-252-3802 |

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