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FEB 2018

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J&R Machine uses the machine data it collects to develop a monthly productivity index: a ratio of machine green hours to the payroll hours of the person tending the machine. In essence, this metric demon- strates how well the shop uses its payroll hours compared to its machine hours. This helps shape a number of key business decisions, such as what type of equipment the shop should buy (or sell), what job might be better suited for a machine with more automated capabilities, what job seems to require too much operator intervention, what type of work the shop should go after, what type of work it should avoid, if its effective billing rate is appro- priate, if it needs to pursue addi- tional business and so on. Ultimately, it reveals true shop costs and profit. Turning centers with subspindles for backworking enable parts to be machined complete. These machines have bar feeders and parts conveyors to enable long stretches of unattended operation or "green" time, too. MMS FEBRUARY 2018 78 MACHINE MONITORING

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