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FEB 2018

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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS FEBRUARY 2018 90 CAD/CAM Racing Toward the Intersection of Design and Manufacturing Automation—particularly software automation— is democratizing product development and driv- ing the convergence of engineering and manu- facturing. During Autodesk's annual user confer- ence, Autodesk University, presenters made clear that for machined parts manufacturers, staying competitive will mean putting data at the center of their operations. That is, definining the busi- ness by the design and/or manufacturing-process information that makes a company different, rather than the tools used to work with that data. What, exactly, does it look like for a machin- ing operation to put data at the center? Tim Evans, from drag racing organization Kalitta Motorsports, provided a striking example during the conference, hosted November 14-16 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Granted, few machine shops are in the business of racing, but Mr. Evans outlined how constantly COMPANY Kalitta Motorsports PROBLEM Clutch assembly must be rebuilt between every race. SOLUTION Autodesk's Inventor HSM with full CAM integration via the AnyCAD link RESULTS Reduced machining time on main clutch components from 30 hours to 10 BY MATT DANFORD | SENIOR EDITOR ABOVE: Kalitta must rebuild clutch assemblies between every race because they must be tuned according to racing conditions. Getting these assemblies into the cars on time requires end-to-end efficiency, from finalizing designs to machining parts. Photo: Kalitta Motorsports

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