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FEB 2018

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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS FEBRUARY 2018 92 CAD/CAM changing parts leads the organization to face sim- ilar challenges as any contract machining opera- tion. Consider the clutch assembly, which must be tuned according to racing conditions (for instance, a hot track tends to be more slippery). The fact that these conditions change regularly, not to mention the stress of speeds exceed- ing 300 mph, leads teams like Kalitta to rebuild assemblies between every race. This involves a significant amount of titanium machining, with one component weighing in at almost 100 pounds and measuring 14 inches in diameter. Getting these assemblies into the cars on time requires end-to-end efficiency, from finalizing designs to machining the parts. Mr. Evans described why changes in software capability have been so essential to that end-to- end efficiency. It started in 2014 with a move to Inventor HSM. Specifically, with the CAM system's "adaptive" tool paths, Autodesk's variety of the light, fast, constant-engagement strategies that are widely replacing slower, heavier cuts. The result- ing improvements in tool life and performance have reduced machining time on main clutch com- ponents from 30 hours to 10. And yet, the tool paths themselves weren't what "sealed the deal," as Mr. Evans put it, after evaluating the subscription-based software in a free trial. He reserved that phrase for full CAM integration and associativity, via the AnyCAD link, with Inventor's CAD design functionality. "The ability to make changes, work directly on the solid model and instantly update tool paths all in the same software—it worked like magic," he said. "Our designs are at the center of our work, and we can move them easily between software," he continued, adding that this includes legacy parts originally modeled in Solidworks. However, the team hasn't stopped with the abil- ity to work with model and part program as one and the same entity. He went on to explain how it's also beginning to explore the possibilities of Autodesk's Generative Design service. Previously available only to users of Netfabb Ultimate, a tool MAKING THE FUTURE Detailed coverage from Autodesk University on the latest CAD/CAM devel- opments can be found in "Shop Talk" on page 46. Northfield... the Leader in Precision Reliability & Productivity. Our line of superior Collet Chucks available in 5C, 16C & 3J varieties offers: • Exclusive "Dead Stop" centers ensuring perfect 'Z' axis location • Parts are gripped for more rigidity banking on a solid stop • Available with a coolant/air passage for Air Detect part seat sensing, ejection, chip blow out and coolant from back of work piece 4400 Austin Blvd. Island Park, NY 11558 • tel: 561.431.1112 Call us or visit our website today for more information on diaphragm, sliding jaw air chucks and special chucks for your unique application requirements. Precision Collet Chucks

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