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FEB 2018

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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS FEBRUARY 2018 94 CAD/CAM dedicated to modeling for additive processes, the technology is now being rolled out to Fusion 360 subscribers like Kalitta. In essence, generative design leverages the power of modern computers to generate multitudes of basic design possibili- ties in an instant, all based on specific constraints issued by the designer. For instance, a drag racing team's constraints are likely to include not just dimensions and materials, but also specifications to ensure parts are both strong enough to with- stand the pressures of the track and light enough to provide a competitive edge. From there, part performance can be simulated using finite element analysis (FEA) and computa- tional fluid dynamic (CFD) technologies. This is both faster and more cost effective than real-world wind tunnel and other testing that, ironically, can potentially involve more results-distorting varia- tion than computer simulations. | Autodesk Inc. | 855-612-9998 | Introducing the new SMART-B818III precision grinder. There's smart . Then there's Chevalier SMART. Users can create their own grinding programs to achieve complex grinding tasks with only one cycle to increase production efficiency. Get everything you want in a precision grinder at an affordable price: TaskLink, constant surface speed, constant contact dressing mode, conversational programming and more. THAT'S SMART. Learn more at ➤ C O N S T A N T S U R F A C E S P E E D U N P A R A L L E L E D P R E C I S I O N S I M U L A T I O N M O D E C O N S T A N T - C O N T A C T D R E S S I N G M O D E T A S K L I N K C O N V E R S A T I O N A L P R O G R A M M I N G THE SMART-B818III USER EXPERIENCE

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