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FEB 2018

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MODERN MACHINE SHOP 97 BETTER PRODUCTION Dry-Cutting in Seconds Inconel barstock in a matter of seconds rather than minutes. As it turns out, the 12-feet-tall cutoff saw Kalamazoo Industries delivered with a 75-hp motor and 36-inch-diameter abrasive wheel turned a challenging operation into a repeating source of job-shop-type revenue for the recycling company. Northern A-1 Services provides transpor- tation and disposal of all forms of recycled materials, be they hazardous or non-hazard- ous. The company also has experience cutting many kinds of metals, including Inconel. For the aforementioned customer in the aerospace industry, it had also used its high-pressure waterjet capabilities to clean castings, and sub- sequently was asked to cut the gates and risers off those castings, too. Pleased with Northern A-1 Services' work and turnaround time, the aerospace company next offered it a contract to cut Inconel barstock into billets for casting charges on a JIT basis. For this job, Northern A-1 Services would receive 3-, 5- or 7.5-inch-diameter Inconel barstock, depend- ing on the size and number of charges required, to saw to precise lengths. The company needed to dry-cut the barstock to avoid any chance of contamination during the casting process, as even trace amounts of coolant could potentially alter the material's properties during casting. Dry sawing, how- ever, ran the risk of scorching the material and adversely altering the material's metallurgical composition. If dry cutting a superalloy sounds Work Piece The abrasive blade moves back and forth in a linear straight line as the saw head is down fed into the workpiece. This straight line movement enables the blade to not be in the same cut all time, which improves blade life, speeds cutting and minimizes burrs. IN PARTNERSHIP WITH: Search Machines Smarter. Machining Center Drill/Tap Boring Mill Milling Machine Machine Type: The Machine Tool Search Engine

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