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FEB 2018

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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS FEBRUARY 2018 98 CUT TING INCONEL too easy, the JIT timetable meant that the com- pany had to cut through a very challenging alloy as fast as possible. As the facility and operations manager in Whitehall, Michigan, Brian Balon ran the math. He realized that the company's standard abrasive cutoff saw could not make the hundreds of cuts required, even with a wheel formulated for Inc- onel. Moreover, the time required to make these cuts would never fit into the requisite delivery timetable. Therefore, he turned to Kalamazoo Industries and issued a challenge: Build a cutoff saw that can cut through 7.5-inch-diameter Inconel barstock in less than one minute without coolant. The Kalamazoo Industries team first deter- mined that a 36-inch-diameter abrasive wheel specifically formulated for Inconel would be necessary. The formulations of this wheel are proprietary, but harder materials such as Inconel often necessitate softer wheels so that the mate- rial is constantly exposed to fresh, sharp cutting edges. Kalamazoo Industries also redesigned the oscillation system for its standard K36 cutoff saw. Rather than using a cam-driven oscillation system that feeds the saw wheel only vertically down into the material, the company created a "true oscillation" system that uses a rail to simultaneously feed the wheel horizontally. The company says this system creates an arcing motion that provides a greater arc of contact with the workpiece material that can enable faster cutting with longer wheel life. The stroke and speed of the oscillation depends on the material type and size. The machine also features a heavy base for improved rigidity as well as a 75-hp motor, increasing the speed of the saw to more effectively disperse heat and prevent scorching. Kalamazoo Industries invited Mr. Balon to pre- view the machine prior to shipping, and the results checked every box. The saw could cut through 3-inch-diameter Inconel barstock in 7 seconds, 5-inch-diameter bar- stock in 15 seconds and 7.5-inch-diameter bar- stock in 29 seconds, all satisfying the JIT delivery requirements. | Kalamazoo Industries Inc. 800-592-2350 Rifle barrel seen with a Hawkeye Pro Slim 17" Diesel injector with a Hawkeye Pro Hardy 7" Burr in a cross hole viewed with a Hawkeye Pro Slim 7" Fast, reliable metal machining & EDM inspection Hawkeye Borescopes allow metal ma chinists to quickly and easily inspect for burrs, defects, surface finish irregularities, and more, even inside deep or narrow bores. Hawkeyes deliver fast, reliable visual inspection even through narrow openings, and inside complex machined parts. Easily look inside a wide range of mission-critical parts, such as fuel injector nozzles,engine blocks, transfer cases, brake manifolds, hydraulic assemblies, medical equipment, and more. 800.536.0790 Made in USA Bring Your Parts to the Show for Inspection Solutions! Booth #1847 • Anaheim, CA February 6 - 8, 2018 Visit us at: Inspection Solutions... 80 different borescopes, and 20 years experience helping you select just the right one!

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