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MAY 2018

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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS MAY 2018 104 CAD/CAM packaging and electronics industries. Two of its current projects include producing a number of high-cavitation tools for a medical customer and a contract for two-shot plastic-injection molds involving an overmold. "Although two-shot pro- duction adds another ele- ment by involving a second material and process, Visi keeps it simple and effi- cient," Mr. Feely says. With Visi programs guiding high-speed mill- ing on Alpha Precision's Roeders and Makino F3 and F5 machining centers, the challenges posed by the medical industry's ultra-fine-tolerance require- ments are readily overcome. Electrodes are machined using the Makino F3, with high-defi- nition machining performed with the F5. With Visi, the shop can machine in one night shift a cavity that would otherwise take a week. Visi also powers the company's Charmilles sinker EDMs and Mitsubishi wire EDMs. "Using Visi Machining, we can quickly produce a highly polished medical part with fine detail, a milled finish and a split line within micron accuracy," Mr. Feely says. Additionally, combining Visi's Compass technology with its 2D- and 3D-milling capability means that all milling for hard prep- ping and high-speed finishing is handled quickly and accurately, which Mr. Feely says is vital to his operation. "We make a lot of one- off custom components for each mold, meaning we only run a program once. As pattern cutters, we need to be very good at gener- ating CNC code time after time." Having invested in Visi's Modeling, Analysis, Flow, Mold, Progress, Electrode, 2D Mill- ing, 3D Milling and High Speed Milling, the software is used at every stage of Alpha Precision's process, beginning with provid- ing an accurate quotation for the customer. And here is the rest of the "communication tool" picture. Visi, as a vital communication tool, enables designers, machinists and machines, who all speak different "native languages," as it were, to share a common "second language" and to communicate unimpeded. OMAX abrasive waterjets deliver industry leading part accuracy. Get the whole story at

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