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MAY 2018

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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS MAY 2018 106 CAD/CAM VR8 THE AFFORDABLE 877.689.1860 | Energy efficient and heat minimizing, the VR8 automatically adjusts coolant flow to maintain set pressures of up to 1000 PSI. Either of the two 5 micron, quick-change, high capacity fi lter bags can be replaced while the pump is running. Call for a quote today! Variable Volume High Pressure Coolant System Demand Quality Ð Insist on MP Systems Before adopting Visi, making bids on jobs to potential customers involved presenting highly technical mate- rials—2D drawings and schematics, for example—which might be understood by a select few, but not really make sense to stakeholders who might be more distant from the technical moldmaking and plastic-injection processes. Entering the job information into Visi to create a fully 3D visualization of the mold makes it much easier to communicate Alpha Precision's bid to potential clients and also connects everyone's idea of the finished product with a clear visual. The shop uses Visi's analytical tools to check the drafts and all the different features it will need to build into a mold, such as the core and side pieces, and present this information clearly to the customer. "When the order's been placed, we work closely with our customer's molders on the design con- cept, including flow analysis and tool layout. Once the 2D design is broken down and we have the tooling in full 3D, we really begin to see the huge power of Visi, which controls everything—from design to milling to wiring—in one environment." Thus, the software is a communications tool, a "universal translator" of sorts, for everyone involved in a given project. It smooths the entire production process from bid to finished product from one domain of knowledge and discourse to another, which adds to the system's productivity benefits. | Vero Software | 248-356-8800 | Mr. Feely works here with Visi's Mold Design suite, one of many modules the platform provides to tie together all parts of the moldmaking shop. Among other capabilities, putting the job information into Visi in order to create a fully 3D visualization of the mold makes it much easier to communicate the company's bid to potential clients.

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