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MAY 2018

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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS MAY 2018 112 ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING ➤ design error, you can just go back a revision or two before you print." This enables the shop to adapt quickly to urgent engineering changes and provide a faster turnaround for customers. Beyond making fixturing, the shop even began using the system for end-use parts. The company was tasked with replacing the cam plates on a World War II-era horizontal milling machine. The plates support a table that rides on the angles of the plates and cuts the opposite form of the angles into the parts being milled. The cam plates had threaded holes that the shop was able to design and print directly into the part. The 3D-printed holes had the same perpendicularity as the holes that were reamed in postproduction, and the 3D-printed threads functioned equally as well as the ones that were hand-tapped. The fact that these cam plates could support the forces of more than 300 pounds going back and forth over the plates' sharp angles was proof to Mr. Pruitt that the 3D-printed parts have the strength the shop needs. Markforged | 617-666-1935 |

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