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MMS MAY 2018 114 JEDD COLE | EDITOR | Tooling and Workholding Mandrel's Segmented Clamping Bushing Damps Vibration Hainbuch America offers a high-precision segmented mandrel designed for machining complex aerospace parts. The Mando Adapt is said to deliver fast, reli- able and accurate change-over from OD to ID clamp- ing using the company's Today, Tonight, Tomorrow modular system. It has a concentricity of 0.005 mm between chuck taper and mandrel taper when turn- ing. On stationary clamping devices, it can achieve repeatability of 0.003 mm without readjusting, according to the company The segmented mandrel uses a vulcanized, seg- mented clamping bushing made of case-hardened chromium-nickel steel for a large clamping range and vibration damping along with segments designed for rigidity and wear resistance. The device exposes more of the part for machining without sacrificing holding power or accuracy. It has a clamping range accommodating diameters between 8 and 190 mm. Its standard segmented clamping bushings and workpiece end stops enable machining to size. | Hainbuch America Corp. 800-281-5734 | Grooving Boring Bar's Coolant Holes Optimize Blind Bore Machining Walter USA's Walter Cut G1221-P grooving boring bar with precision cooling is designed for recessing and internal grooving. The monoblock boring bar has two coolant holes. One enables the coolant to exit the insert top clamp directly to the cutting edge in the radial groove to provide precision cooling. The other is at the front of the bar and can be left open to evacuate chips out of a blind bore, or sealed off in a through-bore to provide increased cool- ant to the cutting edge. An O ring is recessed into the bar clamping diameter to prevent pressure loss and to provide leak-free cool- ant supply to the cutting interface for machines with low coolant pressure. Combined with the company's UF8 chip geometry, it is said to improve process reliability, productivity, surface qual- ity and tool life. The boring bar can be used in both the normal and overhead position. The system holds GX09 and GX16 inserts with widths ranging from 0.062" to 0.125" (0.8 to 3.5 mm). It is suitable for internal grooves with a minimum diameter of 0.63" (16 mm) and for grooving depths ranging to 0.39" (10 mm) in all ISO material groups. | Walter USA LLC | 262-347-2400 |

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