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MAY 2018

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TOOLING AND WORKHOLDING MMS MAY 2018 116 Carbide Cutting Tool Brand Reintroduced Arno Werkzeuge USA has reintroduced the H.B. Rouse brand of carbide cut- ting tools and inserts. Formerly sold and marketed under the Arno-Rouse name, the company has reintroduced Rouse as a standalone product offer- ing a broad range of carbide boring bars, tools and inserts for manual turning and milling operations. The Little Hogger mills have standard 3 / 4 " Weldon shanks and use standard carbide inserts, useful on all milling machines. The carbide insert turning tools have triple-sided inserts for quick change turning opera- tions. Triple-tip boring bars offer an improved triangular insert located within a precision-machined pocket to eliminate shifting under heavy cuts; the insert requires the simple removal of one screw for indexing. Boring bars feature carbide inserts that provide three cutting edges instead of only one (as is common with brazed-tip tooling). | Arno Werkzeuge USA 800-943-4426 | DRILLING BORING REAMING BURNISHING THREADING SPECIALS APX Drill Deep Hole / Large Diameter Drilling Solutions Saved per part $27.50 CALL US TODAY Call us to find the best solution to your most challenging holemaking applications. The APX Drill is designed to allow higher spindle speeds and to take advantage of the power curve on modern CNC machines. This results in maximum penetration rates on deep hole drilling applications. Results of Competitor Process Results of APX Drill Solution minute cycle time 10.0 pecks to remove material 5 chip control D- minute cycle time 4.5 0 pecks to remove material A+ chip control Customer's shop rate = $100/hr | APX Drill saved $27.50/part = $16,500/year It really pays to be efficient. 1.330.343.4283 Radial Plate Fixture Eases Non-Square Part Inspection Phillips Precision has released the Radial Loc-N-Load plate as part of the lean Inspection Arsenal quick-change inspection fixture system. The plate is 8" in diameter, with 1 / 2 " thick black, hard anodized aluminum and 1 / 4 -20 threaded holes. Because not every part is square, the product uses a radial hole pattern rather than a grid pattern in 1 / 2 " offsets starting from the center hole. The smaller bolt circles have 30-degree spac- ing and the larger ones have 15-degree spacing. The plate is laser-marked with rings designed to enable easy alignment of parts. The shape assists in locating the plate in the docking rail for inspection. Magnets hold the plate accurately and securely, enabling easier release. Users can add Inspection Arsenal workholding to enhance the setup. The aluminum fixture plates interlock magnetically to remain firmly secured, yet release quickly and easily for the next job. The system installs on all coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). Using a pre-configured CMM bundled fixture system eases the selection process. Users select the docking rail and plate bundle that suits their application. Users can choose from 12", 18" or 30" rail and plate com- binations. Next, they choose the size of workholding kit that will suit their application: 51, 70 or 146 pieces. Each contains selections of the line's trigger-action, low-profile clamps, rails, stops and hold-downs to enable quick and easy setup. | Phillips Precision Inc. 508-869-0373

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