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TOOLING AND WORKHOLDING MMS MAY 2018 118 Y O U R S O U R C E F O R ONE-PASS DEBURRING B E T T E R PA RT S | FA S T E R P R O D U C T I O N | L O W E R C O S T THE LEADER IN HOLE FINISHING SOLUTIONS F L I P C U T • Back spotfacing and chamfering • From 1 side in 1 set up • Your most economical solution • Other solutions available Also from Cogsdill: • Fast and Easy • Economical • Inch & Metric – from stock • Blade options available for all materials visit call 803 438 4000 ©2018 PO BOX 7007 CAMDEN, SC 29021-7007 Face Mill's Adjustable Insert Pockets Reduce Axial Runout Tungaloy is expanding its TFE series of face milling cutters for finishing applications to include bodies with adjustable insert pockets. The cutters are said to help achieve near-zero axial runout for good surface finishing results. The screw and wedge located beneath each insert pocket are used to axially adjust the insert heights to a tolerance of ±0.065 mm (±0.0026"). This is said to improve surface quality on the workpieces and ensure uniform wear progression on all the inserts in the cutter, facilitating insert life management. The adjustable cutters use existing TFE inserts which are available in a range of grades and geometries for a variety of materials and applications, including the AH120 coated carbide grade for steel and cast iron; AH140 for stainless steel; DS1100 with chipbreakers for nonferrous materials; NS740 cermet grade for steel; uncoated KS05F grade for nonferrous applications; and DX140, a PCD-tipped format serving as a nonferrous, high-parameter solution. The standard cutter bodies are available in the bore (shell-mill) style only, with outer diameters of 80, 100 and 125 mm (3.15", 4" and 5"). Specials are available upon request. | Tungaloy America Inc. 800-542-3222 |

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