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TOOLING AND WORKHOLDING MMS MAY 2018 124 LOCK DOWN IN SECONDS. LOCK IN ON SAVINGS. Ball Lock ® Mounting System is the original and still the best fixturing & mounting system for HMC & VMC equipment. In seconds, you can change-out and/or connect vises, chucks, pallets, indexers, risers and more with a repeatability of +/- .0005". » Reduce set-up time » Realize greater throughput using existing machines » Cut time in cycle as well as tool change out » Minimize spindle down time » Free up capacity and machine hours J E R G E N S W O R K H O L D I N G S O L U T I O N S 15700 S. WATERLOO ROAD | CLEVELAND, OH 44110 | 1.877.426.2504 JERGENSINC.COM/ WORKHOLDING | WORKHOLDING@JERGENSINC.COM SEE US AT BOOTH #432154 (WEST HALL) Modular Tooling for Use in Mazak Turning Centers Exsys Tool has expanded its line of Preci-Flex modular tooling systems to include a 10,000-rpm, 1:1-ratio rotary tool for Mazak Quick Turn and QTU-series turn- ing centers. The faster toolholders are said to match the processing speed of optional 10,000-rpm machine spindles to boost productivity and achieve quality surface finishes. Manufactured by Eppinger, the line of tooling sys- tems offers flexibility and precision. The short, compact design with monoblock housing provides high torque transmission and rigidity, resulting in increased machin- ing accuracy and improved productivity. Additionally, its conical and flat-face planar interface enables the use of either an adapter or a stan- dard ER collet. This enables the mounting of collets, end mill holders, expanding collet chucks and shrink- fit tooling on a single base holder. The tooling system also features a compensating clutch with a floating cou- pling between turret drive motor tangs and toolholders that automatically compen- sates for misalignments. The resulting high-preci- sion alignment reduces vibration and tool chatter, which in turn makes for longer tool life and better surface finishes. Available in a range of sizes, the system includes both horizontal-type, 90-degree radial holders and vertical, straight-offset axial holders. Every toolholder provides repeatability within 5 microns. The system also reduces machine downtime and enables tooling adapters to be interchanged between fixed- and rotary-base holders for fast, economical machining. | Exsys Tool Inc. 800-397-9748

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