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MAY 2018

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TOOLING AND WORKHOLDING MMS MAY 2018 126 Kwik Mark Inc A R C T E X T S E R I A L : 0 0 0 1 1 7 - 2 1 - 1 7 1 8 : 2 7 Impo rt Graphics ANGULAR TEXT A N G U LA R TEXT MIRROR TEXT MIRROR TEXT REVERSE TEXT REVERSE TEXT 2D DATA MATRIX Dot Peen Marker · Type or Teach posiTioning · compacT flash card memory · auTomaTic serializing · daTe/Time shifT coding · mark virTually any maTerial · True chipless engraving conTacT us Today · · · (815) 363-8268 · The km-64 · aMerican M aDe LMT Onsrud LP has expanded offerings in seven of its product series including DFC routers, solid carbide end mills and PCD engravers. The DFC routers have been designed as a family to increase overall part quality. The 66 series stacks up as follows: the 66-500 multi-purpose rougher/semi-finisher, the 66-700 finisher, the 66-750 semi-finisher, the 66-775 rougher and the 66-800 all-around router. The company has also added more than 100 products to its MaxQ line of solid carbide end mills. Designed to maximize machine performance while running at maximum speed and feed rates, offerings now include five-flute end mills in various corner radii, including ballnose tools. The end mills are available in four- and five-flute configurations as Weldon-style offerings. The 68-500-series PCD engravers are designed for tool life. They are available with an included angle of 60 degrees and in three tip diameters: 0.010, 0.020 and 0.030 mm. They can be used to engrave abrasive materials. | LMT Onsrud LP | 800-234-1560 | Tool Series Expanded with Routers, End Mills, Engravers

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