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MAY 2018

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MMS MAY 2018 130 JEDD COLE | EDITOR | Systems and Software Servo Amplifier's Data Transfer Rate Aids Industry 4.0 Mitsubishi Electric Automation has integrated CC-Link IE Field safety features into its MR-J4-GF servo amplifiers, facilitating industrial Ethernet safety communication. CC-Link IE Field is an open, 1-gigabit industrial Ethernet automation network. CC-Link IE Field safety meets both IEC and ISO safety standards. The 1-gigabit-per-sec. data transfer rate is said to provide the speed and capacity for Industry 4.0. The additional bandwidth capacity over the 150 megabits per second used for motion communication can enable safety control, as well as future diagnostic communica- tions and other non-real-time transmissions. With these features and the optional MR-D30 card, the servo amplifier meets international safety standards for Category 4 PLe SIL3. The integration also reduces wiring, simplifying the system. This configuration can save time and money because OEMs only need to con- nect the servo amplifier with the company's Simple Motion module to establish safety over the network. End users can access the safety information or functions through the graphic operation terminal. Other features include one-touch tuning; advanced vibration suppression control II, 4 million pulse encod- ers and 2.5-kHz speed frequency response to reduce settling time and minimize overshoot; and a failure prediction function that detects age-related changes in machine performance based on the friction and vibra- tions monitored by a machine diagnosis function. | Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc. | 847-478-2500

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