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MAY 2018

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C A M S y s t e m The only CAM system you'll ever need High Speed Machining Production Milling Production Turning Direct Corporate Support We respond in 30 minutes or less! Wire-EDM X.6117 Y-.009 Z-4.3264 C4.562 B88.494 X.6113 ANY MACHINE C4.472 B88.525 X.6109 Y-.0074 Z-4.2964 C4.388 B88.558 X.6106 Y-.0066 Z-4.2814 C4.307 B88.588 (KICK ASS POST PROCESSORS) X.6102 Y-.0059 Z-4.2664 C4.232 B88.62. X.6099 Y-.0053 Z-4.2514 C4.16 B88.65 X.6095 Y-.0047 NO EDIT C4.092 B88.681 X.6092 Y-.0041 Z-4.2214 C4.028 B88.71 POST & GO Z-4.2064 C3.968 B88.741 Post Processors 5-axis Mill-Turn Swiss-Style Seamless CAD to CAM interface to machine any part geometry P a s s i o n | V i s i o n | C o m m i t m e n t | P o w e r | P e r f o r m a n c e | V a l u e

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