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MAY 2018

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SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE MMS MAY 2018 138 MES Performance Dashboards Visualize Manufacturing Data Pinpoint Information Systems has released version 5.1.1 of its manufacturing execution system (MES) as well as manufacturing performance dashboards from Andon. These software platforms now feature two real-time reporting apps, a business and manufacturing intelli- gence dashboard for overall performance monitoring and reporting for plant or engineering managers, as well as a corresponding plant floor or work station dashboard screen for assembly line workers and area supervisors to track progress. Combined, the dashboards give manufacturers trans- parency to understanding their manufacturing opera- tions. Users receive insight into how they are perform- ing, including live overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) data visualization. SmartScreens display easy-to-understand data to assembly line workers. Plant managers or manufactur- ing engineers can access the plant overview dashboard from the cloud on any computer or wireless device. Data trends are visualized and animated so users can easily understand them. The software simplifies the transition from manual data interpretation and paper-based process manufac- turing to paperless manufacturing. The performance dashboards enable manufacturers to identify and fix production line bottlenecks that might be compromising product quality and process efficiency. | Pinpoint Information Systems Inc. | 905-639-8787

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