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MMS MAY 2018 140 JEDD COLE | EDITOR | Modern Equipment Review Machining Centers SPOTLIGHT Twin-Spindle Machining Center Provides Fast, Accurate Axis Movement Chiron is introducing its vertical twin-spindle five-axis machining center, the DZ08 FX Precision+. The machine includes contact-free linear direct drives in the X, Y and Z axes. These drives bring the spin- dles to optimum feed rates more quickly and permit increased tra- verse rates. Compared to the previous model, this machining center produces aluminum components 20 to 50 percent faster. The system offers a modular design. Direct path measuring sys- tems in all axes maximize precision. It has two 14-kW water-cooled milling spindles which accelerate to 40,000 rpm in 1.9 sec. In rapid feed, they reach a speed of 75 m/min. in the X and Y axes and 100 m/ min. in the Z axis. | Chiron America Inc. | 704-587-9526 | Five-Axis VMC's Monitoring System Reduces Downtime Chevalier Machinery's UNi5X-400 is a 40-taper, high- speed VMC integrated with a fourth- and fifth-axis table. It is designed for high-speed, high-precision and high-productivity machining in the aerospace, medical and moldmaking industries. The VMC comes with the company's iMachine Com- munications System, which connects users to MT-LINKi for performance data, enabling them to anticipate potential issues and prevent downtime. Remote monitor- ing and service functionality eliminates direct physical contact during inspection. The software identifies and reports productivity lags 24/7. The two-axis rotary trunnion table with heavy-duty, three-piece, cross-roller bearing provides good part loading and machining capability. The 12,000-rpm (15,000-rpm optional), 25-hp CT-40 spindle features a large-diameter Big Plus spindle design that uses four-piece, P4-Class angular-contact ball bearings to increase spindle rigidity and to maintain accuracy during high-speed machining. The machine provides fast inter- polation, with a high linear speed of 1,417, 1,417, and 1,181 ipm in the X, Y and Z axes. A heavy-duty Meehanite cast iron structure pro- vides rigidity and stability. It also features an inverted, Y-shaped column with single-piece construction and pre-tensioned Class C3 ballscrews for all three axes. All servomotors are directly coupled to ballscrews. The VMC has a table load of 220 lbs and can handle workpieces as large as 15.7" × 13.7". The X-, Y-, and Z-axis travels measure 20.5" × 15.8" × 15", respectively. | Chevalier Machinery Inc. | 562-903-1929

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