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MAY 2018

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MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW MMS MAY 2018 150 .0002 TIR Thin Wall Parts ID and OD Gripping Adjustable Chucking Pressure Coolant Thru Built in Air Sensing 4-way Adjustable LET US SOLVE YOUR CHUCKING PROBLEMS! Custom Applications Precision Grinding Chucks PROVIDES SPECIAL AIR OR HYDRAULIC CHUCKS, ADAPTER PLATES, STEEL OR ALUMINUM JAW BLANKS, AIR ACCESSORIES SEND A DETAILED PART PRINT FOR AN IMMEDIATE QUOTATION STACE ALLEN CHUCKS, INC. 2250 W. Minnesota St. • Indianapolis, IN 46221 Telephone (317) 632-2401 • Fax (317) 637-7563 Visit us at Soft Jaws Hardened and Ground Jaws w/ Set Master P.D. Gripping Swivel Jaws For Roundness Issues Full Wrap Jaws Custom Applications Robotic Sander Reduces Cycle Time, Use of Abrasive Materials Suhner has released the RobotSander, an adaptive surface treatment solution suited for the automotive, aerospace, appliance, off-highway and outdoor power equipment markets. It can benefit operations including material protection, surface brightening, paint prepara- tions and CFRP activation. Applications include grinding, brightening, polishing, deburring and sanding. It can be used on both metal and composite materials with the company's application-specific abrasives. It is designed to reduce cycle time and abrasive material use and can be used for large-volume and large-area production. Designed for adaptability, the robot sander can operate in a freestanding machining center or a variety of inte- grated production equipment. The company's engineers and specialists can per- form analysis of individual processes as well as robot cell functionality to reduce process risks and overall deployment time. The company's Digital Factory Monitoring System enables on-site and remote monitoring of the sander's performance. It also enables data recording, process diagnosis and optimization, predictive maintenance and remote product support as well as spare part and user time management. A failsafe system safeguards high-value parts and operations as well as optimal use of resources, reduc- ing waste. | Suhner Manufacturing Inc. | 706-235-8046

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