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MAY 2018

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MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW MMS MAY 2018 152 (800) 342-9015 PFERD M-BRAD ® abrasive brushes n Features highest available fill density for long service life n Conforms to irregular shapes and deburs grooves and crevices n Achieves a consistent finish and reduces production down-time n Suitable for both wet and dry applications Choose M-BRAD for your deburring applications TRUST BLUE Robotic Mig-Welding Guns Reduce Gas Loss with Dedicated Lines Tregaskiss has introduced two robotic water-cooled mig-welding guns that are designed to offer superior cooling power for longer gun and consumable life, in addition to reduced gas loss for a lower total cost of ownership. The CWD MIG guns are designed for conven- tional robots, and the TWD MIG guns are for through- arm robots. Both are available as part of a distribution agreement between Tregaskiss and Dinse GmbH. The MIG guns are available in a variety of amperages ranging from 350 to 600 A at 100 percent duty cycle. A dedicated gas line that runs from the back of the guns directly to the gas diffuser saves costs, since shielding gas cannot escape. The guns use a dual-circuit cooling system that runs the length of the front end for more effective cooling and lower operating temperatures. This feature extends mig gun and consumable life and reduces downtime for consumable change-over. Cooler operating temperatures also reduce the amount of spatter that adheres to the nozzle, saving time and money in cleanup, extending nozzle life and lowering overall consumable costs. Both MIG guns are available in clutch and solid mount models, with a variety of mounting arm and neck options to achieve tool centerpoint. They also include integrated air blast and a simple liner design. One end is pre-dressed at the factory to minimize operator varia- tion in liner trimming. | Tregaskiss | 855-644-9353 |

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