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MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Modern Machine Shop 153 Metal AM Machine's Four Lasers Increase Productivity To improve additive manufacturing (AM) productivity and reduce cost per part, Renishaw has launched the RenAM 500Q. Featuring four 500-W lasers, the machine is designed to improve productivity in the most commonly used platform size, bringing the benefits of AM to a wider range of industries. The RenAM 500Q can speed the process by as much as four times, making metal AM economical for more applications, according to the company. The productivity benefits reduce cost per part without compro- mising the precision or quality of a standard single-laser system. At the center of this AM machine is the optical system and control software. Laser beams enter the system via four channels, where they are dynamically focused and directed into a single, ther- mally controlled galvanom- eter mounting. The galvo mounting houses four pairs of digitally controlled guided mirrors, which can guide lasers to cover the entire working area of the powder bed, improving speed, pro- ductivity and capability. The optical system is additively manufactured, enabling tighter packaging of mirrors and the incorporation of internal conformal cooling channels to maintain ther- mal stability. A stable process environ- ment manages the additional process emissions caused by multiple lasers. An inert gas recirculation system, including a cyclone pre-fil- ter and gas intercooler, are designed to preserve filter life and provide consistently clean processing conditions during the build. The machine's dual SafeChange filters with automated change-over to minimize manual interven- tion and increase safety and usability. | Renishaw Inc. 847-286-9953 On-Site Training | Modular Fixturing Specialists | Lifetime Warranty View our complete line of solutions at or call 800-535-0135 to speak with an Application Engineer today. When reducing setup time is critical and precision is non-negotiable; our fixturing system is more than just tabletop accessories like toe clamps, cap screws and parallel blocks. It is an engineering system of interchangeable, hardened and precision ground locating elements designed to work exclusively together with our modular base plates and tombstones. Couple that with our engineering support and you have the ultimate fixturing system for nearly any part that goes into a CNC machining center. PRODUCTIVITY MINUS THE COMPROMISE. BLUCO MODULAR FIXTURING Precise | Replicable | Efficient Creating make-shift fixturing reduces accuracy significantly and eliminates the ability to replicate results. Bluco's fixturing can be rebuilt a month, a year or a decade later to pinpoint accuracy. OPEN SETUP Unreliable | Can't Replicate | Time Consuming

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