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MAY 2018

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MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Modern Machine Shop 157 Electric Transporter Moves Sump Cleaner Safely through Workspace The Cecor CB6 walk/ride transport base moves a sump cleaner safely through a plant between collection, treat- ment or disposal. Users can mount the sump cleaner on a battery-powered pallet truck with stand-on platform for easy driving. Off the truck, the operator can use controls to maneuver the unit into tight spots and next to machine tools for sump cleaning. The sump cleaner uses high-suction lift to remove coolant, chips and sludge from the sump. Solids are caught in its filter, while coolant passes into the tank. The operator can then drive the unit to a reclamation or disposal station. | Cecor | 800-356-9042 | Fixturing Solution Enables 30-Second Clamp Change Porta Solutions, a machine tool manufacturer, has developed a custom fixturing device for fast clamp change-over. It was designed in response to a customer's need for job change-over time less than five minutes on Porta's Multicenter multi-spindle machining centers, which are equipped with two and five milling spindles. The resulting solution enables clamp change as fast as 30 sec. per station. The device is said to be flexible and adaptable to all workpieces through simply replacing the part clamps. Instead of having multiple placements, such as with pallets, this system concentrates on one workpiece at a time. Thanks to the use of a "master fixture," costs are reduced to the cost of the part clamp. The product is light enough to handle easily without a lifting tool. Addi- tionally, no custom wrench or tool is required. | Porta Solutions S .p.A. | 39 030 8900 587

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