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MAY 2018

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MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW Modern Machine Shop 159 Fraser, Michigan 888.794.8687 Quick, precise clamping with no tools. WE ARE... THE FASTEST GROWING TOOL MANUFACTURER IN THE WORLD! 704.583.8341 SALES@BUCCI-INDUSTRIES.US ALGRATOOLS.COM I BUCCI-INDUSTRIES.US Level Machine Tool Tables Wirelessly Big Kaiser's Level Master Wireless is a high-precision device for leveling machine tool tables. The wireless level enables users to read information from a separate display device, making it easier to achieve precision. The detector is said to support accuracies ranging to 0.01 mm/1 m. It enables simultaneous measurement with multiple detec- tors that can transmit to independent display devices as far away as 30 m from the measuring point. Leveling tools not only improve machining processes, but they can also help machines last, the company says. The level is simple enough for one operator to use. It uses optical level sensor technology and includes LED and buzzer indications to notify users when leveling is complete. The level also has "low" and "high" mode switches for rough and finish adjust- ments. The level includes alkaline batteries. | Big Kaiser 888-866-5776

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