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MAY 2018

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MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW MMS MAY 2018 160 It's easy to say your tooling solves problems . It's harder to prove it. We prove it every day. 16 E. Piper Lane Prospect Heights, IL 847-749-0633 Stuck on a tough tooling challenge? Let us help. Heimatec isn't just a world leader in live tools, angle heads and multi-spindle drill heads; we're your source for problem solving and tooling application expertise. With years of hands-on experience and the most innovative tooling, we are your TOTAL solution source. Put us to the test and send us your toughest tooling challenge. This is What Power and Precision Looks Like Technical assistance available. Asistencia técnica disponible en español. 1.805.584.9495 1.800.383.2244 Single Point - Thread Mills - Port Tools - Indexable Tools - Specialty Scientific Cutting Tools offers a wide variety of single point tools. Choose from an impressive range of sizes and styles for boring bars, groove tools, and thread tools. All bars are made from submicron grade carbide and are available with AlTiN coating. Use with the CRT holder for effective cooling. Scientific Cutting Tools Five-Axis Spark Grinder Sharpens Diamond Cutting Tools The universal five-axis Dia-2200-Mini CNC spark grind- ing machine from Lach Diamond is designed for the automatic sharpening of diamond tools and saw blades with diameters as wide as 530 mm. The machine is capable of sharpening new or servicing old diamond end mills and jointing cutters both with and without axis angles. It is also effective on diamond scoring saws and saw blades of all tooth types. The grinder offers profil- ing programs (both contour-controlled programs with copper electrodes and in-feed programs with graphite electrodes). A program for multiple-unit production is available, capable of automatically sharpening multiple diamond tools or axis angle jointing cutters. The company has also developed an axis angle program that allows for extreme axis angles of more than 45 degrees during production and service. The system was designed for grinding tools used to machine fiber composites such as glass fibers (GFP), carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) and basalt fabrics in the aerospace, agricultural machinery and automotive industries. | Lach Diamond Inc. | 800-522-4872

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