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MAY 2018

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MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW MMS MAY 2018 162 Retap Threaded Parts • Inspect Threads • Counter-sinking Chase Threads • Deburring • Reaming Lowest Priced Rugged Construction Lightweight & Portable Backward hand pressure rotates spindle clockwise Forward hand pressure rotates spindle counterclockwise RE-TAP-ER SECOND OPERATION MACHINE PREMIER TOOLING FOR THE MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY 109 Scott Road, Waterbury, CT 06705 PHONE (203) 753-2114 FAX (203) 756-5489 Call Today for Our Free Tooling Catalog Oil-Based Cutting Fluid Useful for Multiple Metals Houghton International has developed a soluble oil metal-removal fluid for multi-metal machining and grinding applications. Hocut 8640 works with both machining and grinding operations. The company field tested the solution's performance on a broad range of metals including high- and low-carbon steel, stainless steel and alloyed steel, cast-nodular and gray iron, wrought and cast aluminum, powdered metal, and carbon particle composites. Designed to improve operational efficiency, part quality and surface finish, the fluid has built-in deter- gency, runs clean and provides wetting, reducing consumption due to drag out and lowering fluid costs. It provides good dispersibility, improving chip removal and thereby minimizing downtime. It has high emulsion stability and low foaming characteristics, resulting in consistent lubrication and heat transfer performance. It is biostable, so it extends sump life and eliminates the need for costly sump-side addi- tives. Additionally, it does not leave a sticky residue on windows or machine surfaces. | Houghton Intl. | 610-666-4000 |

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