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MODERN EQUIPMENT REVIEW MMS MAY 2018 164 are immediately available from Helfer Tool Company. Whether you need small, precision carbide or high speed Swiss tools, or larger flat or circular tools, they're standards at Helfer Tool. Plus carbide test pins, carbide cold- heading punches and solid carbide drill blanks are on the shelf, too. Just tell us your production sched- ule, and we'll meet it! Flat, circular or hard-to- find cutting tools FREE. WRITE FOR ALL NEW, TOOLING CATALOG. Helfer Tool Company 3030 S. Oak, Santa Ana, CA 92707 Phone: (714) 557-2733 Fax: (714) 557-5312 CT Inspection System's Intuitive Interface Eases Use Yxlon introduces the FF85 CT, a CT inspection system that's designed for ease of use and flexibility. With a dual X-ray tube configuration and a high-precision granite manipulator providing as many as seven axes, the system inspects small and large parts and materials of varying densities. It runs on the Geminy software platform, an inspection system interface that offers intuitive smart-touch operation, remote monitoring, push notifications and multiple user profiles, so users without technical expertise can operate the system. Equipped with an open microfocus tube ranging to 225 kV, a minifocus tube ranging to 450 kV and a choice of flat-panel detectors, the system is suited for a range of parts and materials including aluminum, steel, additively manufactured components, fiber composite materials and mechatronic modules. The system's CT algorithms ensure optimum image resolution with a greater measuring circle. The ScanEx- tend feature extends the horizontal measuring circle and is ideal for scanning larger components or maximizing magnification on smaller components. The scan is carried out through one continuous rotation of the test piece and is then reconstructed without artifacts. This feature saves time compared to "stitching" algorithms. Additionally, features like virtual rotation axis and HeliExtend (Helical CT) increase applicability, quality and efficiency. HeliExtend Dual (helical CT with hori- zontal measuring circle extension) takes advantage of trajectories and maximizes the test space. | Yxlon/Comet Technologies USA, Inc. 877-972-9100 |

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