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MAY 2018

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DECIDING FACTORS MMS MAY 2018 24 Data-Driven Manufacturing planning for the future. Existing assets can be modeled against their digital twins and new designs can be tested in the virtual world, saving time, money and resources. Testing the interac- tion on a screen can verify a modification to a car engine, for instance, before new holes need to be drilled. Such scenarios are occurring at every supply-chain step in the automotive, aerospace, medical, off-highway, and appliance industries, among others. One carmaker offers a prime example of how the benefits of digitalization can accrue. In this case, everything from design to execution plan- ning is implemented digitally. It once required 30 months to manufacture the company's luxury sports sedan, from start to finish. Thanks to dig- italization, production time was reduced to 16 months and the company succeeded in achieving a threefold manufacturing-productivity increase. Another successful application of digitalization can be found at another car plant equipped with more than 1,000 robots, all of which help to weld vehicle bodies with accuracy within a tenth of a millime- ter. Robots also control the first fully automated hang-on assembly line, which attaches the doors, hoods and hatches to the vehicles, a process that previously was entirely manual. The plant also has an automated engine marriage process and a new integrated paint process that uses 30 percent less energy and produces 40 percent lower emissions. Confidence in digital manufacturing is higher than ever among leading companies these days and for good reason. Industry leaders are beginning to realize benefits from their investments in digital technologies and next-generation robotics. A con- nected digital factory and the big data it generates provide manufacturers with the insight and agility required to compete. Digitalization gives manufac- turers the capability to increase productivity across their entire value chain, from design and engi- neering to production, sales and service, with inte- grated feedback throughout the process. In practi- cal terms, this means faster time-to-market, greater flexibility and enhanced availability of systems on the plant floor. CONTRIBUTOR | Bernd Heuchemer is with Siemens Industry Inc. We proudly manufacture your team of brands SBN10 We proudly manufacture your team of brands To learn more about how our SBN10 and team of products can increase your producƟ vity go to When you add a Pramet Milling CuƩ er to your shop, you add our enƟ re team including quality producƟ on faciliƟ es, reliable delivery and naƟ onwide support. Corner radius Corner radius Highly posiƟ ve geometry Ultra sub-micron substrate MulƟ -layer PVD coaƟ ng ANHX-F BNGX PosiƟ ve geometry Double sided 4-edge insert High-feed cuƫ ng design 3 Material specifi c geometries (M, MM, HM) Economical Tools for High Feed Milling Threaded shank and shell mills also available

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