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MAY 2018

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THE VIEW FROM MY SHOP MMS MAY 2018 44 A Metalworking Leader's Perspective ABOUT THE CONTRIBUTOR Lucas Prucha is the CNC Manager for Speedway Motors, a manufacturer and reseller of racecar, hot rod and muscle car parts. Email or visit . Measuring and Presetting Technology Shrinking Technology Balancing Technology Tooling Technology Measuring and HAIMER Microset Leading in technology and design – tool presetting that is worlds ahead. Easy to use software Up to ± 2 µm Repeatability Shop floor ready (thermally stable design) Industry 4.0 ready Reduce set-up times by as much as 70% and the machinists with less experience have been easier to mold to our processes. When it came to training these new machinists, we thought ahead and did it right the first time. We standardized most of our processes. I taught new machinists our process by explaining why we do things certain ways and not others. For example, taking a few extra seconds to explain why we touch off all the tools a certain way, as opposed to the way the machinists were taught, has created consistency throughout the shop so ever yone is on the same page. With the addition of more machines and machinists manufacturing hundreds of part numbers in house, the importance of good record keeping has become apparent. It has been very important to document our machining process because we will eventually run the same job when warehouse inventory gets low. Our setup sheets have gone through many revisions as the machine shop has progressed, adding or subtracting information to make the job easier and faster to run in the future. Even though the setup-sheet format has changed, the continu- ous-improvement effort of our setup sheets has made it possible for newly hired machinists to use that documentation to get a job running. Again, our goal for this project was to get it right the first time by making the setup sheets stan- dard and consistent. Spending the extra time to do things right the first time will pay off dividends in the end, as it will prevent having to start over, as we did with our shopf loor plan. Even though some projects like our setup-sheet documentation process have gone through changes and have evolved, they are much better than the originals. Making sure that the information was consistent and stan- dardized has helped reduce our setup times and get jobs running sooner.

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