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MAY 2018

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MMS MAY 2018 88 SHOP MANAGEMENT Although the shop is doing less of it, sinker EDM remains a key tool. In fact, the shop only recently purchased a new die-sinker EDM, this Mitsubishi EA28V. It also recently purchased its first wire-cutting EDM. Fortuitously, getting rid of a series of old machines freed up 2,200 square feet of floor space—precisely the amount that would be necessary to transplant all equipment and tools needed to support full-scale production of ErgoSmart workstations. This increasingly profitable business is marketed to the same customers as molds and machined parts, yet has a negligible impact on capacity to produce those products. number has continued to decrease, investment has continued to increase, with the shop spending nearly $4 million on capital equipment during the past three years. Complementary Diversification The shop's most recent equipment investment is the new Roeders RXU 1001 DSH, installed in August 2017. Always desirable, five-axis machining became a higher priority when a customer for automotive headlight and taillight molds—the work that most defines Precise Tooling—ruled out EDM for a job involving light-emitting diodes (LEDs). This posed a problem because sinker EDM has long been (and remains) a go-to process for cleanup of features deemed too difficult to mill complete. Nonetheless, new data foundations and newly streamlined processes left Precise Tooling well prepared to turn challenge to opportunity. "The customer forced us into what turned out

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