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MAY 2018

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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS MAY 2018 90 CENTERLESS GRINDING Centerless Sets the Tone for Shop-to-Stage Success Guitarist Jimmy Page is renowned for using a violin bow to create dron- ing, otherworldly tones on Led Zeppelin's first album in 1969. Little did he know then that incorporating similar effects on the band's last album 10 years later would not require a bow at all. By then he had access to the Gizmotron, a mechanical bowing device invented by Kevin Godley and Laurence Neil "Lol" Creme of fellow Brit- ish rock group 10cc. Played like a mini keyboard with the guitarist's strumming hand, the Gizmotron contains a spinning, variable-speed aluminum shaft that drives spinning rollers into the strings, mimicking the infinite sustain of a violin or cello. Unfortunately for legions of ama- teur guitarists, the device ultimately proved too sensitive and difficult to use for broad commercial success. Now it is back, revived by a specialist in restoring keyboards who spent years tracking down original copies of the rare, notoriously fragile effects unit for his redesign efforts. Even with years of experience recreating musical artifacts and a small team of engineers by his side, Aaron Kipness encountered signif- icant difficulties in bringing Gizmotron 2.0 to market. The new design solved the problems of the old, but quality issues with the shaft created a tendency toward tone-distorting vibration. Producing the unit in any meaningful quantity required spending hours sorting through boxes of COMPANY: Profile Grinding Inc. PROBLEM: Shaft vibration interfered with product function SOLUTION: Larger undercuts between diameters facilitate centerless grinding RESULTS: Achieved runout specifications, ensured cost-effective manufacturing MATT DANFORD | SENIOR EDITOR Designed to mimic the action of traditional string instruments played with a bow, the Gizmotron guitar effects unit has been re-engineered to improve durability and ease of use. This shot depicts the bass guitar version.

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