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MAY 2018

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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS MAY 2018 96 CENTERLESS GRINDING entirety of the shaft and dressed to the mirror shape of its profile, engaged the longest section before bringing the smaller ODs into contact with the aluminum oxide grinding wheel. This practice ensured stability as the part began to spin, driven axially against a workstop by the action of the slightly tapered regulating wheel and the main grinding wheel. "When you bring (all diameters) into tolerance at the same time, runout will be nearly perfect," Mr. Homer says. With runout eliminated, the wheel was redressed to a smoother grain for a finish-grind that achieved final size and surface finish specifications (0.376 ± 0.0005 inch for the main diameter and 0.3149 ± 0.0001 inch for the bearing surfaces with a 32-Rms finish). He says the same results could be achieved by grinding the part between centers. However, high-length-to-di- ameter-ratio parts like the Gizmotron shaft gen- erally process more efficiently on a centerless machine. Precisely setting the height of the sup- port blade requires knowledge and skill, but this task is less complicated than working with ded- icated fixturing devices, even including simple REQUEST A QUOTE TODAY! Alpha Workholding is the premier American manufacturer of Permanent Electro Magnetic workholding and material handling products. Available in 5 sizes, Eagle-Lift Magnets are built to the highest standards of workmanship, and boast unsurpassed performance and safety in the workplace. Alpha Magnetic Workholding also offers Repairs and Recertification of Magnets. • Exclusive Test Talon Safety Feature • Permanent Magnet — No Electricity Needed! • Available in Several Sizes • 3 Year Warranty • Made Proudly in the USA SAFE, MAGNETIC LIFTING PRODUCTS | 877.217.6900 DON'T FORGET ABOUT OUR MODULAR WORKHOLDING SYSTEM SAFE, MAGNETIC LIFTING PRODUCTS WORKHOLDING SOLUTIONS Efficient Magnetic Workholding Since 1999 The wheel is dressed to a mirror image of the part profile. Wider undercuts between diameters enabled the wheel to engage all critical surfaces without rounding off the sharp corners left by the turning operation.

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