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JUN 2018

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MMS JUNE 2018 98 When We Looked Back and Forward The June 1978 edition of Modern Machine Shop was significant in that it was the 50th anniver- sary issue. Its cover imagery as shown above portrayed both a bit of nostalgia (belt-driven machine tools) and a bit of foreshadowing (the advent of computer technology applied in manufacturing). For that issue, the editors created a yearly- diary-like article citing world events, changes that had been made to the magazine, and topics, trends and technologies that were covered in each of the magazine's 50 years. The section about the 1970s offers evidence that digital computer technology would start to be implemented in manufacturing operations in significant ways. For example, the 1974 blurb says it "looks like the CAD/ CAM concept is becoming a 'buzzword' as an outgrowth of numerical control (NC). I can see the real beginning of high interest in the use of the computer for the entire plant manufac- turing environment." The 1976 blurb points to the "dominance of computer numerical control (CNC) at the International Machine Tool Show," known today as the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS). Therefore, it is not surprising that in the era when the impact of new CNC machine tool tech- nology was just starting to be felt, the subse- quent article in that issue titled "Computers Advancing World Manufacturing Technology" features an industry expert's predictions about how computer technology would change the face of machining and manufacturing in the DEREK KORN | EXECUTIVE EDITOR JUNE 1978 1928-2018

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