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JUN 2018

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MMS JUNE 2018 106 High-Speed Strategies for a High-Speed World Modern machine shops are built on a long legacy of technological innovation, but the digitalized, interconnected manufacturing world we know today first became tangible in the 1990s. Firewalls and intranets; personal-computer-based controls and 3D part files; email, e-commerce and e-every- thing—all of this was new and strange to shops competing in an era of accelerating globaliza- tion, rapidly advancing information technology and, at least in the United States, widespread economic prosperity. For some, however, sharing in that pros- perity was about more than developing that first website. It was about more than complying with new global quality standards or adopting "black-art" technologies like EDM that were becoming more accessible. Gains from advances in computing filtered all the way down to the interface of cutting tool and workpiece, with forward-thinking shops beginning to mill faster and more shallow than ever before. In August 1997, less than a decade after the term "high-speed machining" first appeared in these pages, Modern Machine Shop heralded the burgeoning technique as "The Biggest Breakthrough Since Numerical Control." That issue is devoted entirely to high-speed machining, with 10 different articles covering MATT DANFORD | SENIOR EDITOR AUGUST 1997 1928-2018 August '97 was one of the first issues published on . Find a link to the archive at . GOING DIGITAL

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