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JUN 2018

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MMS JUNE 2018 110 Increasing Connectivity Let's get one thing out of the way first: I am a millennial. I am part of the generation that has been inf luenced heavily by the rise of social media, smartphones and the internet. I like to think I have paid my dues: I remember passing handwritten notes and calling friends on land- lines, and the first time I accessed the internet was via a dial-up connection. However, I cannot deny the growing presence of technology over my life span. Perhaps it is fitting that I landed the assign- ment of writing about the 2000s, a decade of increasing connectivity in both private life and the machine shop world. The May 2006 issue cover story, titled "No Wires, No Worries," is about Miller Welding & Machine's experience installing a Wi-Fi network in 2005. Miller was not the first manufac- turer to do so, nor was this issue the first time that Modern Machine Shop covered wireless networking in machine shop environments. However, the reason for Miller's Brookville, Pennsylvania, shop to go wireless at precisely this moment was that wired connections to its machine tools had, quite literally, backfired: A lightning strike that hit its main plant in October 2004 destroyed circuit boards inside computer numerical control (CNC) units, leading to several days of downtime and thousands of dollars needed to get the machine tools back up and running. A wireless networking system, therefore, seemed like an appealing option. The rise of wireless connectivity on the shop floor in the 2000s was perhaps the STEPHANIE HENDRIXSON | ASSOCIATE EDITOR MAY 2006 1928-2018 The steps that Miller Welding and Machine took to secure its Wi-Fi network and data are still largely applicable today. Read the story at . FUTURE-PROOF

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