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JUN 2018

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MODERN MACHINE SHOP 125 BETTER PRODUCTION Lean Manufacturing mix. From the ERP system, extract the routings of all the parts or products to create the initial product-process matrix. An example is shown in Figure 1. Next, use any commercially available data analysis package (like Minitab, JMP or R) to manip- ulate this matrix to get the final product-process matrix. In this latter matrix, each family of parts whose rout- ings contain the same (or similar) machines indicates the group of machines that should be colocated as a man- ufacturing cell to produce those parts. Colocation of all the machines, personnel and support services relevant to a given set of parts streamlines and simplifies material flows. If a cell is implemented with AFTER GROUPING Lathe-Manual Lathe-Vert HMC Lathe-Chuck Broach Hob Lathe-Bar PUMP MACHINING PRODUCTION FLOW ANALYSIS 50547-D Gland, MU, 6" x 71928 Head, Pump x x 71972-8 Adapter, Intake, 8" x x x 81176 Body Volute x x 72298 Elbow, Relief Valve x 81357-T Impellor x x 62966 Generator, Tach Pulse x x 70852 Gear Driven 8P, 56T, RH x x x 70935 Gear, Driven, 8P, 26T, LH x 61354 Cover Bearing 52594 Spacer, cplg Shaft x 62575 Shaft Shift x 63160 Seat, Spring x 51171 Retainer Bushing x 50763 Spacer, Bearing x Turn-Mill Cell Chucking Lathe Cell Barfeed Lathe Cell PROFILING PARTING SPECIAL TOOLING BORING DOVETAIL FACE GROOVING FORM TOOLING 888 - THINBIT • 888-THINFAX • THINBIT.COM Made in the U.S.A. Since 1964

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