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JUN 2018

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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS JUNE 2018 126 SHOP MANAGEMENT REQUEST A QUOTE TODAY! Alpha Workholding is the premier American manufacturer of Permanent Electro Magnetic workholding and material handling products. Available in 5 sizes, Eagle-Lift Magnets are built to the highest standards of workmanship, and boast unsurpassed performance and safety in the workplace. Alpha Magnetic Workholding also offers Repairs and Recertification of Magnets. • Exclusive Test Talon Safety Feature • Permanent Magnet — No Electricity Needed! • Available in Several Sizes • 3 Year Warranty • Made Proudly in the USA SAFE, MAGNETIC LIFTING PRODUCTS | 877.217.6900 DON'T FORGET ABOUT OUR MODULAR WORKHOLDING SYSTEM SAFE, MAGNETIC LIFTING PRODUCTS WORKHOLDING SOLUTIONS Efficient Magnetic Workholding Since 1999 Cincinnati Mills Deburr Machine HAAS Mill HAAS Lathe Computer Wip Tool Supply Shipping LeBLOND Lathes Norton Grinder From Receiving Movable Cart 30' × 10' 10'-0" 30'-0" 57'-0" Mori Seiki Blade Sharpener Design without Mazak, EZPath and ProCUT (including Norton Grinder) Figure 2: An example of material flows for a part family after implementa- tion of a machining cell. Before, the parts machined followed a spaghetti diagram that sent them to different stations throughout the facility.

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