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JUN 2018

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MODERN MACHINE SHOP 129 BETTER PRODUCTION Lean Manufacturing should look to multifunction machines and systems that combine consecutive oper- ations currently being done on different machines, espe- cially if those machines are currently located in separate departments. The shop could first do a product-process matrix analysis of its product mix to find part families. For a particular part family, the shop can then compute workloads on the dif- ferent machines in that cell, identifying a set of two or three machines performing consecutive operations that appear in the routings of most parts in the family. For all those operations that would have to be done on a single machine, the shop then prepares the list of specifications— work envelope, axes, number of tools, in-pro- cess gaging and so on— and presents that list of specifications to machine tool vendors that could build the multifunction machine or system. Standardize Routings within Part Families Every effort should be made to critique and re-engineer the routings of all parts that have been grouped into a family based on their similar routings. First, the routings should be standardized by eliminat- ing the differences in the machines used and the sequences in which the machines are used. Next, the routings should be standardized by eliminat- ing the differences in the fixtures, tools and gages Royal Products Today Ten-Second Collet Changes Precision Ground – 0.0002" TIR Guaranteed Parallel Grip Ensures Full-Length Contact and Superior Gripping Force Smooth, Serrated, Round, Hex, Square, Emergency, and Custom Shapes Up to 5.15" Capacity Huge Inventory for Same-Day Shipping ROYAL QUICK-GRIP CNC COLLETS While metal removal rates remain at the top of mind when it comes to how machine shops invest in capital equipment, multifunction machines like the one pictured here on the shop floor of LeanWerks might better accommodate the lean cellular approach.

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