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JUN 2018

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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS JUNE 2018 138 ERP SOFT WARE systems. When Ms. Carpenter stepped into her current position, however, she recognized serious process inefficiencies. For years, the shop used accounting software to keep track of its business, but there are limita- tions to that software when it comes to running a machine shop. Ms. Carpenter soon found that it did nothing to help with scheduling or esti- mating job costs. While the company's finances were accessible, material prices, spindle times, machine usage and routing times were physically filed away in hard copies. New orders involved a complicated procedure of getting estimates from machinists, contacting material suppliers and performing calculations to develop an esti- mate, which could take an hour and delay her other work. Moreover, the multi-step process meant there were many points in which a piece of incomplete data could throw off the quote sig- nificantly. This time sink ate into her work, fre- quently causing her to endure longer hours and spend time away from family, a painful reality for many shop owners. She looked everywhere for a solution, not knowing she would eventually find it in the cloud. In 2010, Ms. Car- penter considered Shoptech's E2 ERP software, which inte- grates various aspects of business management into a single platform. In a machine shop, this includes modules for accounting, estimating, scheduling, machine data and more. Hoping to cut some time out of the process with a simple conversion from her accounting software, E2 checked all of her boxes. The first thing that attracted her to the soft- ware was its simple user interface. "Everything is just where you'd expect it to be," she says. "It's easy to navigate." The accounting information easily transferred over to the new system, and she could integrate the qual- ity-control module with the new accounting and data-collection systems. Ms. Carpenter quickly noticed improvements. Having the routing and scheduling systems con- nected to her account- ing platform enabled X-Mil to provide more efficient quoting, as she could look at the time, machine space, routing Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp. 165 Chestnut Street, Allendale, NJ 07401 • 201 934-8262 • Leistritz has developed internal whirling, a process to cut long internal threads without tilting the tool at helix angle. The method utilizes the bore to support the carbide or CBN cutting tool for extremely accurate profiles and overall geometries. This special purpose machine, model LWN-120-IW, has high frequency oscillation to cut threads with high helix angles and/ or multiple starts. Give us a call or send us an email with your specific application, we know you will be impressed with this outstanding machine's capabilities. The New Method To Cut Precision Internal Threads

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