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JUN 2018

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BETTER PRODUCTION MMS JUNE 2018 146 ERP SOFT WARE S P R I N G T e c h n o l o g i e s NCSIMUL S O L U T I O N S NCSIMUL MACHINE CNC Machining Simulation/Verification NCSIMUL 4CAM Switch Programs Between CNC Machines Booth E-133267 FREE DEMO at Intelligent CNC Machining | (617) 401-2197 Boston, MA | involved simply buying some iPads and installing the E2 Shop app on them. The machinists enter information into the tablets, and Ms. Carpenter can utilize that real-time information to manage the shop. E2 Shop also enabled X-Mil to cut out ineffi- ciencies during multiple stages of production. For starters, it provided a useful way to keep schedules and reports current. "A schedule is outdated the moment you print it," Ms. Carpen- ter says. "We used to constantly have to print new reports, but now the new reports automat- ically go to the iPads on the shop f loor." This includes updated CAD files. With consistently up-to-date reports, the daily company meet- ings, which used to take machinists away from the shop f loor for as much as an hour and a half, have dropped to 15 minutes with only two people. This alone saved the shop hours every week. Furthermore, as a cloud-based program, Ms. Carpenter is able to access the ERP software from an app on her phone. As a manager of a small shop, Ms. Carpenter wears many hats: accounting, IT and human resources. With a young daughter, she also has a family to manage. "I saw my father put long hours into the shop, even sleeping there some nights," she explains. "Cloud-based ERP means I'm just as effective managing the shop whether I'm on-site or elsewhere." With E2 Shop, Ms. Carpenter was able to impose structure on the chaos of a job shop and react f luidly to the many demands of her many jobs from anywhere in or out of the office. The browser-based system also removes the need to delay work while updates install, and all IT concerns are handled by Shoptech. It removes the danger of data corruption in on-site servers, and it enables mobile monitoring of machine data from phones and other devices, freeing Ms. Carpenter to take regular trips to a lake with her family while she stays in contact with the shop. "I would never go back from the cloud," she says. Finally, she has found a balance that helps her enjoy the life she has worked to build. For her, having the data on-hand at all times brings peace of mind. | Shoptech Software Corp. | 800-525-2143

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