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JUN 2018

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TOOLING AND WORKHOLDING MMS JUNE 2018 156 Introducing: LC50-DIGILOG Fast. Precise. Reliable. w w w. b l u m - n o v o t e s t . c o m Production Metrology Made in Germany BOOTH 135527 Floating Clamps Reduce Vibration with Thin Workpieces Floating clamps from Carr Lane Mfg. Co. are posi- tion-flexible swing clamps with 110-degree rotation that both clamp and support the workpiece. Designed for aerospace machining, floating clamps are especially useful for clamping forgings, ribbed or flanged castings, and other larger parts. Often used in conjunction with primary locators and clamps, they provide additional support points and reduce machin- ing vibration with thin, light workpieces such as sheet metal, carbon fiber and aluminum. The clamps adjust to the workpiece with light spring force before locking to prevent deformation. The clamp supports a load capacity as large as 1,800 lbs and can be used on a fixture plate, a modular tooling plate or a T-slot machine plate. The jaws are adjust- able to a variety of part sizes and can be replaced with custom jaws. | Carr Lane Mfg. Co. | 314-647-6200 | Motorized Air Vises Designed for Automated Machining Cells Kurt's line of motorized air vises uses air-powered motors to provide consistent preset clamping force and programmable vise opening. These vises are designed for automated, roboticized cells and applications requir- ing consistent clamping not easily attained by manual operation. Using an optional 3-mm proximity sensor, the vises can be set to open and stop precisely at pre- configured positions. They operate on 20 to 100 psi and clamp to the stall. | Kurt Manufacturing - Industrial Products 877-226-7823 |

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