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JUN 2018

Modern Machine Shop is focused on all aspects of metalworking technology - Providing the new product technologies; process solutions; supplier listings; business management; networking; and event information that companies need to be competitive.

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Trending Follow Us @ mmsonlinevideos @ mmsonline @modernmachineshop @ mmsonline MMS CONNECT MMS JUNE 2018 14 To celebrate Modern Machine Shop's 90th anniversary, we commissioned creative agency Powerhouse Factories to design and screen-print a limited run of custom posters. Learn about the collaboration and how to score your own poster by reading the story pinned to the top of our Facebook page: With demand for the use of machine tools at a premium, shop owners are getting more bargaining power. /bargain Increased Demand = Increased Power Video from NPE 2018 New Aerospace, Energy Machining Hub Drawn Together—Modern Machine Shop and Powerhouse Factories #Automation + #3dprinting means a different kind of mass customization. Injection mold the part, 3D print the custom features, tend with a robot. GF Machining Solutions offers a broad line, ranging from milling to EDM to laser texturing. However, the opening of its new Aerospace and Energy Center of Competence near Charlotte demonstrates particular commitment to those markets. Liechti five- and six-axis airfoil-milling systems were a particular highlight of the event. Few cos. are good at actually implementing the changes they see they should make based on data and analytics. #JeffMa at #smartmfgexp18 FOLLOW Pete @ Z_Axis_MMS

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