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JUN 2018

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SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE MMS JUNE 2018 164 CAM Software Includes Tools for Hybrid Manufacturing Autodesk's PowerMill 2019 CAM software includes develop- ments designed to enhance existing functionality for high- efficiency machining. This version includes additive manufacturing strategies and sim- ulation tools designed for hybrid machines. It generates safe and efficient tool paths to drive directed energy deposition (DED) processes that use wire-fed or powder-blown hardware. Specialized three- and five-axis programs enable building entire components from scratch. For five-axis programming, the software includes improved colli- sion avoidance tools. An automatic tool-axis tilting method simplifies programming, helping to generate smooth and safe five-axis motion for all model shapes and toolpath types. Vortex, the high-efficiency roughing strategy, now includes a "from stock" option based on the company's adaptive clearing technology. For 2D machining, the soft- ware improves workflow for defining open-sided pockets and bosses. The existing 2D tool paths recognize these features, automatically positioning tool entry and exit points to avoid overloading cutting tools. ViewMill, a stock simulation tool, now includes a "remaining mate- rial" shading mode. The software also includes a "setups" feature that enables pro- grammers to better manage the synchronization between tool paths and NC programs. | Autodesk Inc. 877-335-2261

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