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JUN 2018

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SYSTEMS AND SOFTWARE MMS JUNE 2018 168 DROs Offer Useful Software Features Heidenhain's Acu-Rite brand has released a line of three digital readouts (DROs) with software features and hardware for milling, turning, grinding and boring applications. The models support soft- ware features that include an Installation Guide that appears at first-time power up, as well as Dynamic Zoom that, once activated, enlarges the display values for the axis being moved at a given point. This enables the user to immediately see which axis is cur- rently in motion. The DRO100 unit has been designed as a functional, yet simple DRO that can be easily understood by the operator. The DRO203 offers all the basic func- tions, plus common features for both milling and turning applications such as bolt- hole calculations for milling and vectoring/taper ratio for turning. The DRO300 high- end programmable model is available in three- and four- axis variants. It is the only unit in the series offering the connector for external switching functions. | Heidenhain Corp. 800-233-0388 Laser Control Features Tablet- Style Interface Mitsubishi Laser has added its M800 control technology to the Advanced 800-series eX-F fiber laser machine. The laser control includes a 19" tablet-style touch- screen, enabling users to swipe, pinch and tap to view data. It features a customiz- able home page and status bar to access data. The laser series control has a processing speed ranging to 100 m/min. and includes an expanded cutting condi- tion library with increased flexibility. | MC Machinery Systems Inc. | 888-297-9895 Having issues with your finishing process? finding a better way... Rosler Metal Finishing USA is the leader in mass finishing, shot blasting, automated processes and media - made in the USA. Visit or call 269-441-3000 for more information. For over 60 years, Rosler has produced high-quality ceramic media, plastic media and finishing compounds. Rosler offers over 8,000 different types of consumables for use in every conceivable mass finishing application. If you are having issues with your finishing process, send us your parts and we will process them in one of our test labs, helping you find a better process.

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