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JUN 2018

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Range of Aluminum Alloys on Display Ellwood Specialty Steel now supplies aluminum mold alloys. The company has 5083, 6061, 7021 and Alumold 500 in stock. Alloy thicknesses range to 42 inches. The company says that designing molds with aluminum offers the benefits of higher thermal conductivity for shorter cycle times and faster machining, which leads to lower costs for the mold user. | Ellwood Specialty Steel | 800-932-2188 | Booth 339 Automation Software Introduces Built-in Locating System XMD presents the latest update to its mold design software, introducing auto- mated clamping and built-in locating systems—a first for the industry, the com- pany says. The latest update is designed to automatically locate holes required for the FCS system based on the user's exact specifications of the machine, facility and clamping tool. The system is also built to automate placement of new holes to solids imported from any software, even at the shop- floor level. XMD says that the software is used widely by mold manufacturers, incorporating the system into CNC machine tables such as FCS, FPT's Fast Mill and more. | XMD - Synergetic Eng & Manufacturing Services 519-737-9638 Booth 425 AMERIMOLD MMS JUNE 2018 172

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