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JUN 2018

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Five-Axis Machine Offers Vibration-Damping Features The FZ40 Compact CNC portal milling machine from Zimmermann is designed for the machining of hard materials and aluminum. The inherently rigid machine structure enables simultaneous five-axis, high-speed machining. This machine has a solid cast base so it does not require a foundation and can be set up on any solid shop floors, the company says. The machine table is integrated into the cast baseplate, which enables a table load ranging to 16 metric tons. Eight mounting elements of the FZ40 Compact are said to reduce vibration for high accuracy and optimum surface quality of the workpieces. In addition, the side- walls are filled with a special damping concrete mix to further enhance performance. The machine has a fully enclosed working space with a fixed machine table and overhead gantry with a reinforced Z-axis ram. The machine's dynamic two-axis VH60 milling head is temperature-stable because of the cast monolithic fork design. Furthermore, oscillation and vibration damping are reduced to a minimum to ensure even more precise machining results, the company says. | Zimmermann Inc. | 248-305-9707 | Booth 433 Mobile Robot Designed for Targeted Hardening of Metal Surfaces The Al-Rock from Alpha Laser is a mobile robot for targeted hardening of metal surfaces, whether it be at a set work station or deployed on-site to a customer. With the self-driving caterpillar track, users can move the laser right to the workpiece. There is no need to remove the components to be hardened, and Alpha Laser says that the reworking cost is significantly reduced. The laser beam precisely follows the workpiece contour in free 3D movements. This enables weld edges, grain structures and localized areas to be hardened easily. | Alpha Laser | 814-336-9000 | Booth 617 GRIPPERS. PINS. ROLLERS. ROLLERS. AMERIMOLD MMS JUNE 2018 176

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